La Sagrada Familia

As you make your way out of the Metro station and come face to face with Barcelona’s most iconic landmark, La Sagrada Familia, prepare to be stunned by the basilica’s awe-inspiring architecture. The lifework of the city’s most celebrated architect, Antoni Gaudi, La Sagrada Familia is truly unlike any other building in the world.

Most days you’ll have to wait in a queue to buy your entrance tickets, but the wait’s more than worth it as you step inside the huge gothic basilica for the very first time. With construction starting in the 1880s and expected to be completed in 2026, a hundred years after Gaudi’s death, the church has been centuries in the making. And with intricate details at every turn, it’s easy to see why.

Inside La Sagrada Familia, you’ll notice the large angled pillars stretching high up to the roof like branches. Inspired by Gaudi’s love of nature, there are no straight lines inside the building, adding to its quirky charm.

After you explore inside the basilica, go through the large doors to see the intricate Nativity Facade, which is a true work of art. Then, step back inside and take the lift, or the stairs if you’re feeling fit, up the 100 metre towers. From there, you’ll see incredible views across the city before going back down the spiral staircases or heading back into the lift.

Before leaving, make sure you pay a visit to the onsite museum, where you can find out more about La Sagrada Familia’s colourful history through civil war and beyond. You can also pay your respects at Gaudi’s burial crypt.