Güell Park

Experience a place where surreal architecture meets the natural world at Barcelona’s Güell Park. Set on the hillsides above the city centre on the edge of Gràcia, you’ll need to hop on a bus and take a short walk to reach the park. Once you arrive, step through the gates and prepare to be greeted by a landscape like no other.

As the mastermind of architect Antoni Gaudí, Güell Park was originally intended to be a small, private residence of 60 houses. The vision was never fulfilled, but it did become a public park and is now one of Barcelona’s biggest tourist attractions. As you walk along the winding pathways and through the trees, you’ll be transported through different landscapes.

To see most of Gaudí’s work, you’ll need to buy a ticket which allows entry to the iconic balconies of the Greek Theatre, the leaning columns of the Hypostyle Room and down the Dragon Stairway to the main Hansel and Gretel style gatehouses. You’ll be allocated a half hour time slot, so it’s worth booking ahead to avoid waiting around. You’ll also need a ticket to visit the museum, where Gaudí lived for 20 years.

If you don’t buy a ticket, there’s still plenty to see in the free areas of the park. To enjoy impressive views of the city, don’t miss Turó del Calvari which looks out across Barcelona, to Montjuic and out to sea. If you’re visiting in the summer months, don’t forget your sun cream and plenty of water as the park can be a real sun trap.