Avg weather in November
10 Hrs per day
49 mm per month
76 % avg
8 Mph avg

Orlando Weather in November

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What’s the weather like in Orlando in November?

Orlando’s in the southeast of the United States close to the Tropic of Cancer. This means the city has a subtropical climate with warm weather all year round. Orlando has two seasons rather than four; a hot and wet summer and a cooler and drier winter. If you prefer the weather to be a bit cooler, November’s a fantastic time to visit as it’s also one of the driest months of the year.


The average high in Orlando is 25ºC in November, so it’s still lovely and warm. Things cool down to 14ºC at night so you should bring some warmer clothes for the evenings. Humidity’s low, while there’s 48mm of rain over seven days. You can expect 11 hours of daylight with seven hours of sunshine each day, while UV levels will be low. Sunset’s at 6.40pm at the start of November although this is closer to 5.30pm at the end of the month because of daylight saving.

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