Lara Beach

Avg weather in September
12 Hrs per day
12 mm per month
53 % avg
5 Mph avg

Lara Beach Weather in September

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What’s the weather like in Lara Beach in September?

The Lara Beach weather in September is almost as hot as July and August, which are the two peak summer months. Visitors soak up the glorious sun thanks to the great Mediterranean climate. There’s also very little rain on this long stretch of beach in Turkey’s southern Antalya Province.

Geographical influences

The weather in Lara Beach in September enjoys warmer temperatures because of the vast Taurus Mountains, which are inland behind the beach. These huge hills, which run parallel to the Mediterranean Sea, help to block some colder winds which blow from the north of Turkey to the south. This means Lara Beach has a slightly higher temperature compared to resorts that do receive the winds.


Bring your summer wear, swim gear and sunglasses, because Lara Beach is hot and dry in September! The average daytime high temperature is 31°C and even the cooler days  only drop to 19°C. The average night time temperature is 19°C, so sleeping should be comfortable. Sunbathers will love the long, bright days in September at Lara Beach. The sun shines for an average of 12 hours each day and doesn’t disappear behind the horizon until 7.25pm at the start of the month. Rain levels are very low at this time, with just an average of 12mm, so there’s no need for umbrellas or jackets. If you fancy a dip in the Mediterranean, the water temperature will be an inviting 27°C. Perhaps you’ll try a few fun water sports too? Make sure you use plenty of sunblock though as the UV levels are high. The humidity will be 53% and the winds are low at just 5mph.

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