Lara Beach

Avg weather in December
9 Hrs per day
278 mm per month
62 % avg
6 Mph avg

Lara Beach Weather in December

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What’s the weather like in Lara Beach in December?

Lara Beach is an 8km stretch of beautiful coastline on Turkey’s southern shore, between the resorts of Antalya and Belek. The Lara Beach weather in December has a good deal of sunshine and mild temperatures, but it is the second wettest month so you’ll need to pack a jacket as well as your sunglasses.

Geographical influences

The Gulf of Antalya and the Mediterranean Sea surround the sand and pebble shores of Lara Beach. These seas are still pleasant in December, at an average of 19°C, and the warm waters help to keep the air very mild around Lara Beach and the whole Antalya region in winter. The Taurus Mountains, which are behind Lara Beach, can also block any colder winds moving south from northern Turkey.


It’s winter, but the weather in Lara Beach in December is surprisingly mild. The average daytime high temperature is 17°C, which can occasionally drop to 8°C on chillier days during the month. With an average of five hours sunshine from nine hours of daylight, it’s still possible to splash in the Mediterranean if you add an extra layer. Rainfall increases to 278mm for the month over 12 rainy days and it’s a good idea to bring a jacket and umbrella. There’s no problem with heat and humidity in Lara Beach in December and the UV levels are very low too.

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