San Antonio

Avg weather in September
12 Hrs per day
62 mm per month
70 % avg
10 Mph avg


What’s the weather like in San Antonio in September?

When you visit San Antonio in September, you’ll get to enjoy the blissful weather of the summer with slightly cooler temperatures and just as much sunshine. Rain is very rare at this time of year, so you can leave the umbrella and raincoats at home.

Geographical influences

San Antonio weather in September is influenced by its location on Ibiza’s west coast. With stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea, it’s no surprise that this town experiences an excellent climate. It’s mostly warm and dry, with temperatures only starting to drop towards the end of the month.


It’s so warm in September that it may as well be considered the summer. The sun shines for 12 hours per day, often reaching highs of up to 28°C and lows of 20°C. It rains on eight days of the month, accumulating around 62mm of rainfall in total. Winds from the sea help to cool down high temperatures and can reach speeds of up to 10 mph. The average sea temperature is 25°C, which is perfect for swimming in when you need a break from the heat.

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