San Antonio

Avg weather in December
9 Hrs per day
69 mm per month
69 % avg
13 Mph avg


What’s the weather like in San Antonio in December?

December is one of the coldest months of the year in San Antonio but it’s nowhere near cold enough to stop you from having the time of your life. Gallop along the beach on horseback and enjoy quiet afternoons lounging on the beach before hitting the lively clubs at night.

Geographical influences

San Antonio weather in December is reflective of its location in the Mediterranean Sea. Ibiza experiences a lovely climate for most of the year and it isn’t until winter that temperatures begin to drop. Despite this, the weather is still quite mild and ideal for sightseeing and taking day trips to other resorts, towns and villages in Ibiza.


At the start of December, the average temperature is around 17°C but this begins to drop towards the end of the month, often reaching lows of 10°C. Humidity is quite low and tolerable at just 69% in December. This is joined by winds of up to 13 mph coming in from the Mediterranean Sea. You’ll have a total of nine hours of the sunshine per day but there’s also quite a lot of rain in December. The average rainfall is around 69mm spread over 13 wet days of the month. This means it’s likely you’ll see at least one downpour during your stay, but it won’t get in the way of your holiday.

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