Avg weather in April
13 Hrs per day
87 mm per month
71 % avg
8 Mph avg

Nice Weather in April

What’s the weather like in Nice in April?

Nice weather in April is mild and sunny for the most part, with temperatures continuing to increase towards the end of the month.

Geographical influences

It’s springtime in France, so you can look forward to warmer weather than previous months as the Mediterranean climate begins to warm up. The city is protected from strong winds by the hills in the north, which channel the winds and often carry them in the opposite direction. However, there are winds blowing in from the east, which can be quite chilly at times. The sea water is still too cold for swimming, so it’s off limits for now unless you like to swim in freezing waters.


Nice has an average temperature of 13°C that rises to a pleasant 16°C around midday. The mild weather is a welcomed change and you can also look forward to slightly milder nights with an average low of 10°C. By the time April ends, the average high will rise to 18°C, which is very mild and perfect for a springtime getaway. It rains on 11 days of the month, with an average rainfall of 70mm. There are 11 hours of sunshine per day throughout April, giving you lots of time to explore the city and enjoy the daylight.

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