Monte Carlo

Avg weather in February
10 Hrs per day
86 mm per month
67 % avg
8 Mph avg

Monte Carlo Weather in February

What’s the weather like in Monte Carlo in February?

February is one of the coldest months of the year and Monte Carlo weather in February is often chilly with low temperatures lasting throughout the month.

Geographical influences

Monte Carlo is situated within the Principality of Monaco in France. The region is known for its beaches, stunning hotels, and deep blue waters. The Mediterranean climate is warm in the summer but can be quite cold in winter, with temperatures plummeting to just 8°C at night. The area is protected from a lot of temperamental weather conditions because of its location between the Southern Alps and the Mediterranean.


The average temperature in Monte Carlo in February is around 11°C, which is actually quite mild in comparison to many European countries at this time of year. Temperatures are known to increase to 13°C on a good day with lows of 8°C in the evening. There are six hours of sunshine a day with humidity levels rarely dropping below 70%. An expected rainfall of 58mm falls during February, usually spreading over five days of the month.

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