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Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is a stunning location in Monaco, France. It enjoys a lovely Mediterranean climate with constant sunshine throughout the summer and mild, pleasant winters.

With 300 days of sunshine per year, you’re almost guaranteed bright, sunny days during your visit. The summer is very warm and sunny, which makes it the best time to visit Monte Carlo if you want to soak up as much sunshine as possible.

The average temperature ranges from lows of 21°C to highs of 26°C between June and August. Sea breezes bring a cooling relief from the summer heat, but it’s still important to wear high-factor sun cream to protect yourself from the high UV levels.

If you love swimming, the best time to go to Monte Carlo is when the water has heated to 24°C in the summer. The water remains warm enough to swim in until October when temperatures begin to drop.

Spring and autumn are perfect if you want to explore Monte Carlo without it being too hot. The average temperature between October to November is around 22°C with lows of 14°C. In spring, the weather begins to warm up after winter to 17°C, which is great for a holiday because it’s mild and the city isn’t as busy as the summer.

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