Avg weather in October
9 Hrs per day
46 mm per month
92 % avg
7 Mph avg

Lapland Weather in October

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What’s the weather like in Lapland in October?

Lapland weather in October is chilly as the month marks the beginning of the cold season. Temperatures drop throughout the month and snow begins to fall, which means you should think about packing your snow boots and plenty of layers to stay warm.

Geographical influences

Lapland is situated in the northernmost part of Finland. It has a subarctic and continental climate with very cold winters and mild summers. The cold, snowy season is very long and lasts for up to seven months. It’s likely you’ll see some snowfall during your stay and you should prepare for very low temperatures.


The weather in October is chilly with an 18% chance of a snowy day. This has increased since last month, which saw no snowfall at all. You can expect up to nine hours of sunlight a day with 7mph winds. Temperatures are around 3°C during the day, which is the highest temperature you can hope for in autumn. In the evening, the weather cools to 1°C with temperatures continuing to drop towards November. Cloud coverage is likely throughout the month with 46mm of rainfall.

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