Avg weather in November
9 Hrs per day
138 mm per month
75 % avg
7 Mph avg

Rome Weather in November

What’s the weather like in Rome in November? November is when the climate begins to really cool down and temperatures rarely rise above the mid-teens. There’s still plenty of sunshine, but there’s also an increase in rainfall so make sure to pack an umbrella and raincoat for your visit. Geographical influences Rome weather in November is mild and wet with rainy days taking up half of the month. The region’s Mediterranean climate means that rain showers are quite short and it’s never long before the sun is shining again. Temperatures are very mild and perfect for outdoor activities such as sightseeing and shopping. Humidity levels are also quite mild with warm sea temperatures near the western coast. Averages Rome enjoys mild weather in November with an average temperature of 15°C during the day. As November draws to an end, temperatures cool down to 10°C and there’s slightly less sunshine. You’ll still have at least seven hours of daylight to enjoy, along with an average sea temperature of 19°C. Rainfall is likely and you can expect an average rainfall of 130mm spread across 15 days of the month.

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