Indian Ocean

Avg weather in July
12 Hrs per day
18 mm per month
76 % avg
12 Mph avg

Indian Ocean Weather in July

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What’s the weather like in the Indian Ocean in July?

Indian Ocean weather in July is very warm and sunny. If you aren’t a fan of high temperatures, you’ll enjoy the regular trade winds in the Seychelles. For a drier climate, head to the Maldives for its golden beaches and idyllic scenery.

Geographical influences

Each of the islands in the Indian Ocean experiences a tropical climate. It can be quite windy at certain times of the day, but the breezes are usually welcomed since they help to control humidity levels from rising too high. It’s a great time to visit and water sports tend to be very popular. You can snorkel with the fish, battle the waves with some surfing or take it easy with a peaceful sailing excursion to nearby islands.


There’s just 18mm of rainfall in July, which means it’s unlikely you’ll see much rain during your stay. If it does rain, showers are usually very short and it’s never long before the weather clears up. The average temperature is around 31°C with winds reaching speeds of 12mph. Each day has 12 hours of bright sunshine per day with an average humidity of 76%.

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