Avg weather in November
10 Hrs per day
93 mm per month
66 % avg
9 Mph avg

Lindos Weather in November

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What’s the weather like in Lindos in November?

Lindos weather in November is a lot cooler than previous months because it marks the start of winter in Rhodes. This means you’ll experience chilly nights with an increased chance of rain. However, temperatures are usually quite mild and enjoyable during the day.

Geographical influences

Located on the Greek island of Rhodes, Lindos is a popular town which is famous for its beautiful clifftop acropolis. It’s home to a number of great beach resorts and experiences a warm and dry climate in the summer, that becomes much colder and wetter towards winter.


November is a quiet time to visit Lindos since most visitors tend to arrive in the spring and summer. There’s plenty to do and the island of Rhodes is particularly popular for its range of water sports. The sea temperature is mild at 21°C, which is perfect for activities such as windsurfing, kayaking and scuba diving. The average temperature is 21°C, which drops to an average low temperature of 13°C at night. With an average rainfall of 93mm, it’s likely you’ll see at least one or two showers during your stay since the rain falls on seven days of the month. Despite the odd downpour, you’ll still get to enjoy ten hours of sunshine per day.

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