Avg weather in November
10 Hrs per day
142 mm per month
66 % avg
8 Mph avg

Nikiana Weather in November

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What’s the weather like in Nikiana in November?

For this time of year, the weather in Nikiana in November is actually quite mild. It’s heading into winter, but still warm enough to comfortably explore the area. However, it’s one of the wettest months of the year, so you can expect to experience some rain while you’re there.

Geographical influences

Located on the eastern coast of the island of Lefkas, Nikiana is home to a beautiful beach with a green, mountainous backdrop. Lefkas is one of the Ionian Islands, so the usual climate is that of any other Mediterranean destination, with hot summers and cooler but mild winters. November can still be mild, but wet.


The Nikiana weather in November has an average temperature of 18˚C. That’s warm for the time of year, considering that winter is fast approaching. Despite the warm temperatures, there’s quite a lot of rainfall in the month of November, with an average of 173mm falling over approximately 18 days of the month. If you’re partial to a dip in the sea, water temperatures in November reach around 21˚C in November and you  can enjoy around ten hours of daylight each day throughout the month too.

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