Cayo Santa Maria

Avg weather in September
12 Hrs per day
189 mm per month
79 % avg
11 Mph avg

Cayo Santa Maria Weather in September

What’s the weather like in Cayo Santa Maria in September?

You can expect the Cayo Santa Maria weather in September to be full of hot temperatures, hours of sunshine and clear skies. Keep an eye on heavy rain clouds appearing though, as this luxurious Caribbean resort will have some tropical downpours.

Geographical influences

Cayo Santa Maria’s an idyllic small island not far from the north central coast of Cuba. The region has two seasons, and between May to October there’ll be plenty of brief showers over an average of 16 days. There’s a chance September could also see windy weather impact the island.


Even though you’ll see some rain in Cayo Santa Maria in September, with 176mm falling on average, the frequent sunshine helps to brighten the skies. This part of north Cuba still gets seven hours of sun each day and it doesn’t set until after 7.30pm at the beginning of the month. The average daytime high temperature’s a glorious 32°C, but this may drop to 23°C on cooler days. The weather in Cayo Santa Maria in September sees an average water temperature of 29°C in the Caribbean, which is perfect for a warm dip in the crystal clear seas. The UV level’s high and so is the heat and humidity.

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