Avg weather in August
14 Hrs per day
59 mm per month
65 % avg
5 Mph avg

Vancouver Weather in August

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What’s the weather like in Vancouver in August?

Vancouver’s summers are warm, with an almost Mediterranean climate bringing mild temperatures and plenty of sunshine to the city on the west coast of Canada. If you want to explore the local sights, try out some action sports or take a walk along the picturesque coasts,  August is a great month to visit Vancouver, especially as rain is only expected on one in five days.


At this time of year Vancouver has an average temperature of a mild 18°C and with highs of 22°C you shouldn’t forget your sun cream. At night the temperature dips to around 14°C, so bring lots of layers to stay warm on evenings out. If you want to take a swim in the sea you’ll need to be brave and wear a wetsuit, as the water’s a brisk 14°C at this time of year. With just 50mm of rain expected in August, Vancouver is relatively dry at this time of year.

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