Avg weather in October
10 Hrs per day
92 mm per month
79 % avg
9 Mph avg

Montreal Weather in October

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What’s the weather like in Montreal in October?

Found in the east of Canada, close to the country’s border with the United States, Montreal is an exciting city in the stunning Quebec region. It has a climate that brings warm summers and bitterly cold winters to the city, as well as occasional showers throughout the year. It’s autumn in October and temperatures are cooling down at this time. It can feel quite chilly at points, especially at night and towards the end of the month, so you’ll need plenty of warm layers if you’re going to Montreal in October.


The average temperature in Montreal is 9°C at this time of year, reaching highs of 14°C in the warmest part of the afternoon. After dark, the average low dips to just 4°C, so you’ll need to pack a thick winter coat for evenings out in the city. You might also need a waterproof jacket or umbrella, as Montreal expects around 70mm of rain over the course of 17 days this month.

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