Sunny Beach Resort

Avg weather in April
13 Hrs per day
31 mm per month
77 % avg
9 Mph avg

Sunny Beach Resort Weather in April

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What’s the weather like in Sunny Beach in April?

The Bulgarian hotspot of Sunny Beach is one of the country’s top holiday attractions. The Sunny Beach weather in April is mild, sunny and quite dry. This makes it a popular time for visitors who take a trip to Bulgaria’s stunning east coast and relax along the golden beaches at this quiet time of the year.

Geographical influences

The lively resort of Sunny Beach enjoys a fantastic location on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, between the larger towns of Burgas and Varna and near the ancient sights of Nessebar. Here, away from the colder inland mountainous areas of Bulgaria, the mild sea air helps to heat the land and increase temperatures.


The weather in Sunny Beach in April produces warm to mild conditions as spring begins to heat up this pretty coastal region. The average daytime temperature is 15°C, which can climb by a couple of degrees on occasional hotter days. The average low temperature in April is 8°C. The sunshine levels are impressive at this time in Sunny Beach, with this modern resort enjoying six hours of sun from 13 hours of daylight. The sun doesn’t set until around 7.30pm at the beginning of the month. The average rainfall is 31mm, with six days getting rain during the month on average, so there’s a small chance you’ll be caught in a shower some days. The UV levels are low to medium and the humidity will be around 77%.

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