Golden Sands Resort

Avg weather in October
11 Hrs per day
36 mm per month
74 % avg
10 Mph avg

Golden Sands Resort Weather in October

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What’s the weather like in Golden Sands in October?

The hot summer conditions have left this pretty beachside resort, but the Golden Sands weather in October is warm to mild with lots of sunshine and dry days. Visitors at this time love the peace around the beaches and forests and enjoying a traditional Bulgarian meal at the charming coastal restaurants.

Geographical influences

Golden Sands is found on the beautiful east coast of Bulgaria, 17km north of the larger town of Varna. The non-tidal Black Sea laps the shoreline and there’s the vast Golden Sands Nature Park directly behind it. You’ll find there’s a sea breeze for most of the year. Temperatures here along the coast are much higher than inland mountainous areas of Bulgaria.


The weather in Golden Sands in October is quite pleasant and enjoys an average daytime high temperature of 17°C. At night time this drops to around 9°C, so you may need to take a light jacket if you’re wandering around the resort in the evening. You’ll experience lots of sunshine during the month, with an average of six hours each day from 11 hours of daylight. The sun doesn’t set until nearly 7pm at the beginning of October. The rainfall is nothing to worry about this month with 40mm of falling across just six rain-affected days. The wind speed is low at 10mph and the UV level is low too.

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