Golden Sands Resort

Avg weather in July
15 Hrs per day
28 mm per month
69 % avg
7 Mph avg

Golden Sands Resort Weather in July

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What’s the weather like in Golden Sands in July?

Along with August, the Golden Sands weather in July is the best all year. The temperatures are hot and it’s very sunny along this beautiful beach resort on the east coast of Bulgaria. There could be some light showers but these are nothing to worry about.

Geographical influences

Golden Sands basks in a Mediterranean-like climate in July. This modern holiday hotspot is on the north side of Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast, away from the cooler inland mountainous regions. The sea breeze actually brings a refreshing feel in July. The warm air around the waters helps to keep the temperature high on the land too.


The weather in Golden Sands in July has the highest temperatures all year, with an impressive average of 26°C. Even the average low for this time is only 19°C, so you’ll enjoy lounging by your pool and the golden sandy beaches. The sun rises around 5.30am and doesn’t set until nearly 9pm and July should see 12hours of sunshine each day. Humidity levels in Golden sands in July average 69% and the UV index is high. Make sure you use lots of sunblock when you’re out in the sun. The wind speed averages a gentle 7mph. The Black Sea measures about 25°C in July and is the perfect place to cool off.

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