Avg weather in November
9 Hrs per day
61 mm per month
77 % avg
8 Mph avg

Duni Weather in November

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What’s the weather like in Duni in November?

You can’t sunbathe or swim in the sea this month, but lots of people enjoy visiting Duni at this time to relax by the coast and enjoy the mild climate. The Duni weather in November reaches highs around 13°C with decent sunshine for late autumn.

Geographical influences

Duni enjoys an idyllic location on the eastern Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, towards the country’s southern border with Turkey. Here, away from the colder inland mountainous areas, the mild air stops temperatures falling too low in winter and autumn.


Even though it’s a good idea to bring a jacket, in case you’re caught in a passing shower, the weather in Duni in November is still mild. At this time of the year you can still expect five hours of sunshine each day from ten hours of daylight. The sun doesn’t disappear until 5pm for most of the month. The average high daytime temperature in Duni in November is 13°C, but this may dip to around 7°C on cooler days. The average night time temperature is 6°C. Duni will get just 61mm of rain across nine rain-affected days. The humidity’s low, at around 77%, and the wind speed’s light along the coast at only 8mph on average.

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