Avg weather in December
9 Hrs per day
60 mm per month
78 % avg
8 Mph avg

Duni Weather in December

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What’s the weather like in Duni in December?

Along with November, December is the wettest time to visit this modern beach resort along the coast of Bulgaria. The Duni weather in December is mild and sometimes cold but compares well to most mainland European towns and cities at this time.

Geographical influences

The biggest influence in this area of Bulgaria is the Black Sea. In December its temperature drops to an average of 10°C, which produces mild air over the land close to it. Colder air can sometimes blow south from northern Europe.


Expect to see some rain in Duni at this time, with an average of 60mm across ten rain-affected days. The average daytime temperature can be pleasantly in double digits, at 10°C to 12°C, with occasional lows around 4°C on colder days. If you go out in the evening for a walk or a meal you should take a jacket, because it can fall to just 5°C. The weather in Duni in December produces around five hours of sunshine from 11 hours of daylight. The sun doesn’t set until nearly 5pm at the end of December. The temperature of the Black Sea is too cold for a swim.

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