Avg weather in August
13 Hrs per day
107 mm per month
67 % avg
6 Mph avg

Washington Weather in August

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What’s the weather like in Washington in August?

Washington is a beautiful state in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Its capital city is Olympia, known for its diverse culture and amazing architecture. Washington weather in August is very hot and humid with frequent rain showers scattered throughout the month.

Geographical influences

The climate in Washington is influenced by its location in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. It’s just north of Oregon and experiences quite a lot of rainfall all year-round. If you want to go on an exciting city break, you can head to the capital city of Olympia or take it easy with a laid-back holiday in Seattle. Here, you’ll enjoy the region’s evergreen forests and lush mountain scenery waiting to be explored.


You’ll enjoy a nice warm climate in August with temperature highs of 30°C. The rainfall is quite heavy with 107mm spread over the month. At night, 6mph winds cool temperatures to the low-twenties, which makes sleeping a lot easier without the intense heat. You’ll get 13 hours of sunshine per day with an average humidity of 67%.

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