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Utah is a western state with a diverse landscape consisting of hot deserts, lush green valleys, and thick white snow. The weather varies from desert to semi-arid with hot summers in places and thick blankets of snow in others.

The best time to visit Utah for skiing is during the winter. Utah is world renowned for its thick, fluffy snow and incredible ski resorts. Temperatures start at around 2°C in January with heavy snowfall providing the ideal conditions for snowboarding and skiing.

If you prefer a warmer and sunnier climate, the best time to go to Utah is in summer. The south of the state is especially pleasant with temperatures reaching highs of 32°C and comfortable humidity levels of just 34%.

Spring is another great time to travel to the region with mild weather throughout the season and up to 14 hours of sunlight per day. It’s relatively dry with just 6mm of rainfall per month.

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