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Weather in New England

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New England
       Weather in New England

      New England

      The New England region is nestled in the northeast corner of the USA. The weather varies across its six states, which include Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. Most of New England has a humid continental climate with cold winters and heavy snowfall from December to February. Summers are warm with some rainfall spread throughout the year. As you move further south, you’ll get to enjoy milder climates. In places like Rhode Island and southern Connecticut, you can expect warmer temperatures year-round. The best time to visit New England is during the summer when the average temperature is 24°C with up to 15 hours of sunshine per day. It’s also a great time for swimming as the water is mild and you’ll get to enjoy cooling sea breezes travelling at 5mph near the coastline. If you prefer a cooler climate, the best time to go to New England is in autumn or spring. October is very pleasant, with average highs of 16°C. If you visit somewhere like Boston, you should prepare for colder weather and a daily average temperature of just 10°C.

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