Avg weather in October
11 Hrs per day
23 mm per month
39 % avg
4 Mph avg

California Weather in October

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What’s the weather like in California in October?

With a Mediterranean-style climate, the west coast state of California is mild and dry in the month of October. At this time of year, the heat of the summer has subsided but the days can still get quite warm, especially in the more southerly parts of the state. With only a small amount of rain expected, October is a great month for exploring California, from its beautiful beaches to its cultural cities.


In October, California is cooling down as the winter gets nearer. With average daytime temperatures of 18°C in Los Angeles and 14°C in San Francisco, you’ll need summery clothes for the hottest parts of the day and plenty of layers for the cooler evenings. With such mild temperatures, this time of year’s perfect for seeing California, whether you’re exploring the cities or getting out on the open road. In October, Los Angeles has just 15mm of rain, while San Francisco expects around 25mm over the course of the month.

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