Los Angeles

Avg weather in September
12 Hrs per day
2 mm per month
57 % avg
4 Mph avg

Los Angeles Weather in September

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What’s the weather like in Los Angeles in September?

Los Angeles weather in September is very warm with pleasant evenings and not much rainfall over the month. It’s a great time to visit LA because the sun is always shining and there’s an upbeat atmosphere to the city.

Geographical influences

The weather in Los Angeles in September is very similar to the summer with high temperatures, few showers and low humidity levels. The climate is perfect for exploring Hollywood Boulevard before heading to LA Fashion District for shops, entertainment and fine-dining restaurants. You’re also close to the National History Museum and the Getty Centre, which gives you the opportunity to soak up some culture during your time away.


Temperatures are at their lowest at night at around 14°C before warming up to 25°C at peak times of the day. Humidity levels are low at just 57% with winds of up to 4mph. You’ll have 12 hours of sunlight per day that’s only interrupted when it rains. The rain usually falls on just one day of the month with an average rainfall of just 2mm.

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