Costa Dorada

Avg weather in June
15 Hrs per day
20 mm per month
69 % avg
6 Mph avg

Costa Dorada Weather in June

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What’s the weather like in Costa Dorada in June?

If you’re thinking about heading to the Golden Coast for a holiday, then you might want to consider going in June. The temperatures have surged from previous months and you can really start to enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean climate that Costa Dorada is known for.

Geographical influences

Costa Dorada weather in June is beautiful with a warm climate and mild sea temperatures for you to enjoy. It’s located on the Mediterranean Sea along the coast of Catalonia in Spain, which means it experiences the same exotic weather as the rest of the region.


You’ll have 15 hours of beautiful sunshine to enjoy each day during your stay in the Costa Dorada. This gives you more than enough time to visit the region’s exciting theme parks, water parks and beaches. The average temperature during the day is a lovely 27°C that lowers to 17°C at night. The average rainfall is around 20mm, which means there’s a good chance you won’t see any rain at all during your stay. Humidity is moderate at 69% and usually combined with pleasant winds of up to 6mph.

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