Calas De Mallorca

Avg weather in April
13 Hrs per day
35 mm per month
74 % avg
10 Mph avg

Calas De Mallorca Weather in April

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What’s the weather like in Calas de Mallorca in April?

Calas de Mallorca weather in April is beautiful. There’s lots of warm sunshine each day and barely a rain cloud in sight. The resort is quiet at this time of year, which is great for families who want to come for some quality family time together or couples looking for peace and quiet in this charming and romantic resort.

Geographical influences

This beautiful resort is located on the south-east coast of Majorca. As you might expect from its position in the Mediterranean Sea, Calas de Mallorca’s climate is mostly warm and sunny. The beaches are stunning and the crystal clear water will make you feel as though you’ve arrived in a tropical paradise.


The average temperature in April is 20°C during the day and 8°C at night. If you’re looking forward to a swim in the Mediterranean Sea, it might be a little chilly at certain times of the month. However, temperatures tend to increase towards May, making it perfect for a relaxing swim along the coast. The sun shines for 13 hours each day and the humidity is 74%, which is quite comfortable for this time of year. The average rainfall is just 35mm and it falls over nine days of the month, which means there’s a good chance you won’t see much rain during your stay.

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