Dona Paula

Avg weather in September
12 Hrs per day
138 mm per month
82 % avg
7 Mph avg

Dona Paula Weather in September

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What’s the weather like in Dona Paula in September?

Dona Paula is a vibrant beach resort in North Goa. Its white sand beaches are backed with rows of coconut palm trees and an upbeat promenade, complete with a variety of quaint shops, lively bars and great restaurants.

Geographical influences

Dona Paula weather in September is very mild and humid because of its tropical climate. Although monsoon season ends in September, there’s still a lot of rainfall spread over the month. However, it’s not as wet as previous months and the rain begins to fade towards the end of the month.


If you’re visiting this resort in September, you can expect at least 12 hours of warm sunshine per day with an average humidity of 82%. Cooling winds bring relief from the humid weather near the coast and often reach speeds of up to 7mph. The average daily temperature is 21°C, which is perfect for sightseeing and sunbathing on the white sand beaches along the shore. There’s an average rainfall of 138mm spread over 16 days of the month, which means there’s a high chance you’ll see some rain during your stay. If you want to avoid the rain, it’s best to visit at the end of the month since the dry season is just around the corner.

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