Avg weather in February
11 Hrs per day
0 mm per month
58 % avg
7 Mph avg

Arpora Weather in February

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What’s the weather like in Arpora in February?

Arpora weather in February is very sunny and dry with barely any rain all month. It’s a great time to visit for warm temperatures and less rainfall than the summer months. You’ll need to pack light clothing as temperatures tend to rise at this time of year and it won’t be long before you’ve developed a lovely tan on the beach.

Geographical influences

There are a range of different beach resorts along the coast of Goa and Arpora is one of the most popular. It’s got white-sand beaches lined with exotic palm trees that give you plenty of shade from the sun during the hottest part of the day. You can explore the beautiful countryside with a hike through the hills and a picnic overlooking the glistening coast in the early afternoon. At night, temperatures cool off slightly but it’s still very warm and pleasant.


You can look forward to temperatures of 25°C when you visit Arpora in February. Winds have an average speed of 7mph with humidity levels rarely rising above 58%. There’s no rain at this time of year, which is great if you want to spend most of your time soaking up the sun on the beach. The sea water is very mild and ideal for an afternoon swim. The sun stays out for 11 hours each day in February, giving you lots of time to sightsee and explore all that Goa has to offer.

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