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Weather in Germany

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       Weather in Germany
      Covering nearly 138,000 square miles and ranging from the mountains of the Alps through to the lowlands of the Benelux borders, Germany is a vast, fascinating country with a huge range of weather patterns. Our three different Germany weather forecasts provide you with up-to-the-minute predictions and information. Our top tip: we have a number of Germany weather forecasts for specific regions, so check out our forecasts for the part of Germany you’ll be visiting. 7-day weather forecast Giving you accurate data on temperature ranges, rain, and wind direction, our 7-day weather forecast is ideal if you’re heading to Berlin or Munich for a city break. Planning a short break in the Rhine valley to check out the vineyards? Our weather forecast will let you know which sunny days are best for strolling around the countryside, and when you should head indoors and check out the museums and galleries if the rain sets in. 10-day weather forecast Do you have a skiing holiday in the Alps planned? Or a hiking trip in the Black Forest? Our 10-day weather forecast for Germany gives you a longer-range prediction for the next few days, so you know whether to pack an extra jumper, or some light t-shirts and shorts. 14-day weather forecast Camping with the kids? Want to stop off at a couple of family-friendly attractions and want to check that the weather’s going to be good? Our 14-day weather forecast is constantly updated so you get accurate information and up-to-the-minute predictions, so you can make the most of every day. Want to know more about Germany’s weather? Our monthly summaries give you a breakdown month-by-month and tell you what you can expect all year round.
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      Monday, 17th JanuaryOvercast
      High 6Low 1
      • Sun: 6 Hours daily
      • Wind: 19 Mph
      • Humidity: 93 %
      • Rain: 0 mm
      Tuesday, 18th JanuaryCloudy
      High 7Low 1
      • Sun: 6 Hours daily
      • Wind: 4 Mph
      • Humidity: 80 %
      • Rain: 0 mm
      Wednesday, 19th JanuarySunny
      High 5Low -1
      • Sun: 7 Hours daily
      • Wind: 9 Mph
      • Humidity: 78 %
      • Rain: 0 mm
      Thursday, 20th JanuaryBlizzard
      High 1Low -2
      • Sun: 6 Hours daily
      • Wind: 21 Mph
      • Humidity: 87 %
      • Rain: 3 mm
      Friday, 21st JanuarySunny
      High 2Low -5
      • Sun: 8 Hours daily
      • Wind: 12 Mph
      • Humidity: 68 %
      • Rain: 0 mm
      Saturday, 22nd JanuaryCloudy
      High 0Low -7
      • Sun: 2 Hours daily
      • Wind: 6 Mph
      • Humidity: 80 %
      • Rain: 0 mm
      Sunday, 23rd JanuaryFog
      High 2Low 0
      • Sun: 3 Hours daily
      • Wind: 3 Mph
      • Humidity: 100 %
      • Rain: 0 mm

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