Avg weather in January
10 Hrs per day
2 mm per month
52 % avg
9 Mph avg

Hurghada Weather in January

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What’s the weather like in Hurghada in January?

With its subtropical climate, Hurghada enjoys beautifully warm weather during the month of January. Stretching for miles along the coast of the Red Sea and close to the desert, Hurghada is dry all year round, making it an ideal holiday destination. Although January is the coldest month, temperatures are still very pleasant with plenty of sunshine. The sea is warm and inviting, perfect for snorkelling and trying out water sports.


With highs of 22°C, the daytime in Hurghada is pleasant and warm, while the sea is also around 22°C. Temperatures drop to around 11°C at night, so you’ll need plenty of layers for the evenings. With just 1mm of rain over the course of the month, there’s virtually no chance of showers. There are 11 hours of daylight each day in January, with seven hours of sunshine. Sunset’s around 5pm at the start of the month.

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