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Red Sea

It’s very hot and sunny all year-round in the Red Sea thanks to its desert climate. The sea brings more relief from the heat to coastal regions in Egypt, which is great if you’re planning a holiday there anytime soon.

If you love swimming, the best time to go to the Red Sea is spring and early autumn when the Red Sea is still very mild. The average water temperature in the summer is a sizzling 28°C. While this is great for swimming, sometimes the heat can be too much and you’ll need a high factor sun cream for days on the beach.

The wind speed’s low at 11mph, which brings relief from the heat if you’re staying on Egypt’s Red Sea coast. Sea breezes are more common here than inland, which means you’ll have lower humidity levels and slightly cooler temperatures.

If you’re not a fan of the intense heat, the best time to visit the Red Sea is during the winter months. Temperatures are still very pleasant and enjoyable with a daily average of 29°C. Due to the region’s desert climate, it can get cool in the evenings. January is the coolest month, with nightly lows of 8°C.

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