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Weather in Copenhagen

 Weather in Copenhagen
Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital, is one of the friendliest, most relaxed cities you’ll ever have the pleasure of visiting. From its quirky graffiti houses and coffee shops to cultural attractions, great jazz clubs, and legends of fairies around every corner, it’s a wonderful destination at any time of year. What you do have to remember is that Denmark’s northerly location means that its weather can be a little unpredictable, especially during the winter months. To help you get the most out of the city we’ve put together three Copenhagen weather forecasts so whether you’re here for a weekend or a full two weeks, you’ll be able to plan your trip and dodge those showers. 7-day weather forecast For a short city break, Copenhagen ranks as one of the best destinations in Europe. If you’re here for a few days then check out our 7-day weather forecast before you go, so you know if you’ll need to pack an extra jumper or two. 10-day weather forecast If you’re staying for a little longer, then our 10-day weather forecast gives you a detailed breakdown of what to expect for the next 10 days. From temperatures to the likelihood of snow during the winter months, it’ll provide you with up-to-date information that’s constantly revised, so you’re never caught out by a sudden dip in temperature or a heatwave in July. 14-day weather forecast Copenhagen is a small city, but there are lots of outdoor activities on offer around the capital to keep the whole family happy. If you’re here with the kids and want to go swimming in a nearby lake, our 14-day weather forecast for Copenhagen will tell you when the weather’s perfect for some outdoor adventures. Planning your trip but not sure when to travel? Have a look at our monthly summaries below for a more detailed look at the weather in Copenhagen.
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Light rain shower
Saturday, 28th MayLight rain shower
High 15Low 8
  • Sun: 13 Hours daily
  • Wind: 15 Mph
  • Humidity: 76 %
  • Rain: 2 mm
Sunday, 29th MaySunny
High 19Low 9
  • Sun: 15 Hours daily
  • Wind: 3 Mph
  • Humidity: 41 %
  • Rain: 0 mm
Light rain shower
Monday, 30th MayLight rain shower
High 14Low 9
  • Sun: 14 Hours daily
  • Wind: 4 Mph
  • Humidity: 72 %
  • Rain: 5 mm
Patchy rain possible
Tuesday, 31st MayPatchy rain possible
High 16Low 10
  • Sun: 14 Hours daily
  • Wind: 4 Mph
  • Humidity: 63 %
  • Rain: 1 mm
Patchy rain possible
Wednesday, 1st JunePatchy rain possible
High 18Low 10
  • Sun: 8 Hours daily
  • Wind: 8 Mph
  • Humidity: 60 %
  • Rain: 1 mm
Light rain shower
Thursday, 2nd JuneLight rain shower
High 18Low 12
  • Sun: 12 Hours daily
  • Wind: 7 Mph
  • Humidity: 79 %
  • Rain: 20 mm
Patchy light rain
Friday, 3rd JunePatchy light rain
High 17Low 11
  • Sun: 12 Hours daily
  • Wind: 6 Mph
  • Humidity: 78 %
  • Rain: 25 mm

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