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Bulgaria has a continental climate with distinct seasons and mild weather for most of the year.

Summer is considered the best time to visit Bulgaria because it’s warm and dry on the Black Sea coast with snowfall on the mountainous regions in December to mid-March. Temperatures are at their highest in the peak of summer, rising to highs of 30°C.

With the sun being so strong in the summer, you’ll need strong sun protection and plenty of water to stay hydrated. Gentle sea breezes come into the Black Sea coast, giving you a refreshing break from the summer heat. The sun is at its warmest from midday to around 3pm, so you might want to find shade during this time.

For cooler weather, the best time to go to Bulgaria is autumn and winter for temperature lows of just 3°C. In mountainous regions, such as the Pirin Mountain ski resorts, heavy snowfall is a strong possibility. It’s perfect for skiing and winter sports, but make sure to pack plenty of warm clothes for your visit.

Sea temperatures are quite mild in the summer at around 25°C, which is great for swimming. It’s not likely to rain in the summer but you can expect more rainfall in autumn and winter.

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