Avg weather in August
13 Hrs per day
0 mm per month
67 % avg
16 Mph avg

Cesme Weather in August

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What’s the weather like in Cesme in August?

The Turkish Mediterranean climate is in full swing in August, providing the town of Cesme with constant warm sunshine and increasing temperatures throughout the month.

Geographical influences

Located on the west of Izmir, is the holiday resort of Cesme. You’ll enjoy beautiful views of the Aegean Sea and soak up the warm sunshine on the golden beach before exploring the secluded coves along the coastline. The weather is always very pleasant in August, which makes it one of the most popular times of the year to visit.


Cesme weather in August is very warm at around 33°C, which is perfect weather for the beach and lounging around with a glass of champagne. There are 13 hours of sunshine per day with humidity levels rarely reaching above 67%. There’s virtually no rain in August, which means you’ll enjoy the constant warm sunshine and clear blue skies all month. When the heat gets too much, you can cool down in the sea and enjoy sea breezes that reach speeds of up to 14mph.

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