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Madrid is the capital city of Spain and enjoys a very warm and sunny Mediterranean climate. You can expect sunshine all year-round with high temperatures and clear blue skies.

Madrid is one of the hottest cities in Europe. If you love the heat and sunshine, the best time to go to Madrid is in the summer when the weather is warm and sunny. Temperature highs are around 30°C, which is perfect if you want to work on your tan and soak up the warm sunshine.

Temperatures have been known to rise as high as 40°C, which means it’s very hot and you’ll need to wear high factor sun cream to protect your skin from high UV levels.

If you prefer a cooler climate, wait until autumn or early spring to visit. It’s still very warm and the skies are clear, but it’s not too hot or humid. It’s the best time to go to Madrid if you want to explore the city without feeling tired or uncomfortable in the summer heat.

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