Avg weather in September
12 Hrs per day
85 mm per month
72 % avg
11 Mph avg


What’s the weather like in Malta in September?

A Mediterranean archipelago that sits between Sicily and North Africa, Malta enjoys some of Europe’s best weather. Summers are long, hot and dry, meaning September’s a great time to visit, although there’s more rain as the month goes on.

Geographical influences

The Mediterranean Sea affects Malta’s weather, and you’ll be glad of the cool breezes when temperatures go above 30ºC. The sirocco wind can make things even hotter when it blows in from nearby Africa, while the weather’s similar across Malta as the island’s relatively flat.


Malta’s nice and hot in September, and has an average high temperature of 28ºC. You’ll need your swimwear and beach gear for the day, and only some light clothes for the evenings, temperatures only drop to 20ºC; you should probably get a room with air conditioning. The sea’s lovely and warm and has an average temperature of 26ºC, while humidity’s moderate and ranges from 50% to just over 90%. Rain usually comes in heavy thunderstorms towards the end of the month, and there’s an average of 67mm across five rainy days.


Malta gets loads of sun in September, and has an average of 12 hours of daylight with nine hours of sunshine each day. Make sure you take plenty of sun cream as UV levels will be high, so take care in the midday heat. The sun sets at 7.30pm at the start of September and gradually gets earlier as the month goes on.

Things to Do

You’ll get great beach weather in Malta during September, while the warm sea means diving’s really popular. Sailing’s also popular for exploring the island’s caves and enjoying a lovely sunset. Visit the south coast’s Blue Grotto, or if you’re in the north try surf spots such as Ghallis, Palm Beach and St Thomas. Malta has some great ancient sites, such as the Ħagar Qim temple complex, although it might be a bit hot for sightseeing.

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