Avg weather in March
12 Hrs per day
104 mm per month
73 % avg
10 Mph avg

Sant’Agnello Weather in March

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What’s the weather like in Sant’Agnello in March?

The weather warms up in March, which is a welcome change from the wintery weather of previous months. Sant’Agnello weather in March is mild in the day with slightly cooler temperatures arriving overnight.

Geographical influences

Sant’Agnello is a clifftop town in the Sorrentine Peninsula region in Italy. The region is great for sightseeing and exploring natural landscapes close to town. The weather is influenced by the country’s Mediterranean climate that brings warmer temperatures and a drier climate to the region. There’s still a good deal of cloud coverage in March, but sunshine hours have increased since last month and you’ll have more time to enjoy each day of your visit.


The average temperature during the day is a mild 17°C. The weather continues to improve as the month progresses, leading to higher temperatures and even more sunshine. There are 12 hours of warm sunshine per day and the humidity is moderate at 73%. Winds blow across the sea and through the town at an average speed of 10mph. The average rainfall is 104mm, which means there’s a high chance you’ll see some rain during your holiday.

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