Lake Garda

Avg weather in December
8 Hrs per day
59 mm per month
74 % avg
3 Mph avg

Lake Garda Weather in December

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What’s the weather like in Lake Garda in December?

Lake Garda weather in December is very cold with low temperatures lasting throughout the month. It’s low season in northern Italy, which means it’s relatively quiet and peaceful compared to the summer. Activities such as sightseeing, hiking and skiing are very popular since you won’t feel overwhelmed by the heat.

Geographical influences

Lake Garda is located in northern Italy and is known for its beautiful scenery, complete with stunning architecture, colourful orchards and a picturesque coastline. In the winter, you can enjoy seeing the region’s historical cathedrals and Bronze Age relics in the town centre. The town is home to quaint cafes and great restaurants that serve a variety of traditional Italian cuisine. It’s also a great place for couples, who’ll enjoy the peaceful serenity that comes with a holiday to Lake Garda in winter.


Temperatures range from lows of 1°C to highs of 7°C during the day. Humidity levels are around 74%, which is quite high but are controlled with help from 3mph winds. Lake Garda enjoys eight hours of sunshine per day. There’s an average rainfall of 59mm lasting for at least nine days of the month.

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