Avg weather in June
15 Hrs per day
18 mm per month
68 % avg
8 Mph avg

Roda Weather in June

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What’s the weather like in Roda in June?

The Roda weather in June makes it one of the best summer months to visit this stunning resort on the Greek island of Corfu. The peak summer crowds haven’t arrived yet but you’ll bask on the sandy beaches in temperatures of around 25°C, with clear blue skies and hardly any rain.

Geographical influences

The pretty Ionian Island of Corfu is the most north-westerly part of Greece. Because of its location, Roda has a slightly cooler and wetter climate in the summer compared to June in Greek islands further south. This is usually very refreshing during hot days in June.


It’s one of the hottest times of the year along the north coast of Corfu. The weather in Roda in June has an average daytime temperature of a wonderful 27°C. This drops to around 18°C at night but it’s a good idea to check your hotel has air conditioning. You can take a refreshing swim in the sea, which will have an average temperature of 23°C in June. The clear blue skies around Roda are incredible. You’ll soak up around 11 hours of sunshine each day, with the sun rising at 6.10am and not fading until after 9pm. There’s no need to worry about rain at this time because Roda gets just 18mm of rainfall in the month. It’s possible you won’t see any during your whole stay. As you’d expect, the UV levels are high in June so take care in the sun. The wind speed’s 8mph and humidity’s 68%.

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