Disneyland Paris

Avg weather in October
10 Hrs per day
25 mm per month
83 % avg
8 Mph avg

Disneyland Paris Weather in October

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What’s the weather like in Disneyland Paris™ in October?

Located in northern France, close to the country’s capital, Disneyland Paris™ is an incredible destination for memorable family holidays. It has a climate that brings warm summers and cold winters to the theme park, as well as occasional showers all year round. In October, temperatures are cooling as the month goes on, and it can get quite chilly as November nears. If you want the warmest weather for exploring the park’s rides and attractions, visit Disneyland Paris™ at the start of October.


The average temperature in Disneyland Paris™ is 12°C at this time of year, reaching highs of 16°C in the warmest part of the day. With an average low of just 8°C after dark, you’ll need to bring plenty of warm clothes for the evenings and to check that the whole family’s wrapped up. Around 50mm of rain’s forecast in October, spread across 13 days, which is similar to most other months of the year.

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