Fort Lauderdale

Avg weather in November
10 Hrs per day
45 mm per month
78 % avg
13 Mph avg

Fort Lauderdale Weather in November

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What’s the weather like in Fort Lauderdale in November?

Fort Lauderdale is a lively city in Florida. It has the same sunny climate as the rest of the state, which means it gets at least 246 days of clear skies each year. Fort Lauderdale weather in November is mild with warm sea waters that are perfect for swimming.

Geographical influences

Located on the south-east coast of Florida, Fort Lauderdale is known for its vibrant city life and beautiful beaches. The city is mainly warm and sunny in November. However, it’s still hurricane season and the chances of one hitting the city are more likely from June to late November. On rainy days, you can pass the time at the city’s museums, shopping centres or with some popcorn and a movie at the local cinema.


November has an average temperature of 25°C, which is very warm and perfect for relaxing on the sun soaked beaches along the glistening coastline. Winds reach speeds of up to 13mph, which help control humidity levels from rising more than 78%. There are ten hours of sunshine each day with an average rainfall of 45mm spread over the month.

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