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Weather in Oregon State

 Weather in Oregon State
Use our detailed two-week Oregon State weather forecast before your upcoming trip, so you know exactly what to expect over the next 14 days. For both planning and packing purposes, it’s always useful to check out the weather conditions before you go. By looking at our 14-day Oregon State weather forecast, you can plan the things you want to do in advance. The state has a huge range of activities on offer so it can help to know if you’re going to get wet with some of that famous Oregon rain, or if it’ll be wall-to-wall sunshine for the whole two weeks. We want to help you make the most of all your upcoming trips by keeping you informed, so all you have to do is focus on exploration and relaxation. Want to know what the weather will be like after the next 14 days? The good news is we also have a month-long Oregon State weather forecast for a detailed view of the weather for the next four weeks.
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Saturday, 24th FebruarySunny
High 13Low 2
  • Sun: 11 Hours daily
  • Wind: 6 Mph
  • Humidity: 34 %
  • Rain: 0 mm
Partly Cloudy
Sunday, 25th FebruaryPartly Cloudy
High 10Low 2
  • Sun: 10 Hours daily
  • Wind: 20 Mph
  • Humidity: 51 %
  • Rain: 0 mm
Blowing snow
Monday, 26th FebruaryBlowing snow
High 1Low -4
  • Sun: 8 Hours daily
  • Wind: 26 Mph
  • Humidity: 54 %
  • Rain: 0 mm
Light snow showers
Tuesday, 27th FebruaryLight snow showers
High -1Low -5
  • Sun: 8 Hours daily
  • Wind: 12 Mph
  • Humidity: 54 %
  • Rain: 0 mm
Wednesday, 28th FebruaryOvercast
High 6Low -2
  • Sun: 8 Hours daily
  • Wind: 25 Mph
  • Humidity: 67 %
  • Rain: 0 mm
Thursday, 29th FebruaryBlizzard
High 2Low -4
  • Sun: 3 Hours daily
  • Wind: 17 Mph
  • Humidity: 95 %
  • Rain: 17 mm
Moderate or heavy snow showers
Friday, 1st MarchModerate or heavy snow showers
High -0Low -5
  • Sun: 7 Hours daily
  • Wind: 8 Mph
  • Humidity: 89 %
  • Rain: 1 mm

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