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Flying with Children


Travelling with a little one? A child younger than two years of age on arrival back into the UK, who will be travelling on your lap, may bring three of the following items free of charge: 10kg baggage allowance, a stroller/pushchair, a travel cot or a car seat (checked in to the hold). If all four are required, one item would be part of any pre-purchased hold baggage weight allowance on the same booking. Please remember that an infant does not have a hand baggage allowance. However, the accompanying parent/guardian is able to take infant food for consumption alongside their own hand baggage allowance.

If an Infant has been booked in a seat, the 10kgs baggage allowance no longer applies. A stroller or pushchair and car seat are still available for carriage free of charge. All other items would need to be part of any pre-purchased weight allowance on the same booking. A hand baggage allowance of 8kgs would apply if a seat has been booked.


Stroller or Buggy

This can be taken to the boarding gate, where it will then be taken to load into the hold. It must be completely collapsible and we would recommend having a protective cover, but may not contain any other items.


Travel Cot

This will be checked into the hold.


Car/Child Seats

This will be checked into the hold. If you have reserved a seat for your infant, you will need to bring your car seat on board.

The car/child seat must be able to fit between the armrests of the aircraft seat and your child and the child seat need to be secured according to the seat manufacturer’s instructions.

You need to reserve a car/child seat in advance. Please contact our customer service team on 01733 224 808.