Carthage Ruins

Located on the Gulf of Tunis, the famous Carthage ruins are an extensive archaeological site dating back to the 9th century BC. Once a great trading empire spanning much of the Mediterranean, it is now a popular attraction for holidaymakers and other visitors to the area.

There’s plenty to see on an excursion to Carthage, quite a lot to try and fit in one day, so allow plenty of time to get around it all. A ticket allows you access to around 10 different historical sites, so be prepared for some serious exploring. One of the key attractions within the ruins is the Antonin Baths, which are the largest Roman baths outside of Rome itself. Then there’s an amphitheatre, the Carthage Museum and the Acropolium to name but a few.

As well as all the ruins, Carthage is also home to the Presidential Palace. It’s possible to walk around the outside of the president’s incredibly secure abode and you can also get a good view of it from the Antonin Baths.