Carthage Ruins In Tunisia

On the Gulf of Tunis, in northern Tunisia, you can discover the famous ruins of Carthage for yourself. This fascinating ancient archaeological site dates all the way back to the 9th century BC. It’s an absolute must-visit for culture vultures.

Now a UNESCO World Heritage Centre, this former trading empire, founded in 814 BC, spanned most of the way along the Mediterranean coastline; and it’s said to be one of the earliest Phoenician settlements in the region. By the early 2nd century AD it had become the third largest city in the whole of the Roman Empire. And it’s array of impressive buildings were second only to those in Rome.

You’ll find this breath-taking site just 15km north of Tunis. Whether you’re staying nearby or not, it’s well worth the trip, because there aren’t many places on the planet quite like Carthage! There’s more than enough to squeeze into a daytrip, so prepare for some serious exploring.

The Antonin Baths are one of the site’s main attractions, and the scale of them is just unbelievable. In fact, they’re the biggest Roman baths to be found anywhere outside Rome itself. Then there’s the breath-taking Roman amphitheatre, a five-storey structure with seating for up to 50,000 spectators, and a giant arena. Head for the Archaeological Park and you’ll find a rectangular grid, clearly showing the layout of Carthage’s residential streets. Your admission ticket also includes a visit to the Carthage Museum, where you can learn more about this magnificent historical site, and the people who lived here.