Amendment queries

Can I amend my holiday?

Yes, you can amend your booking. However, this is subject to the terms and conditions of your service provider (hotel supplier, airline, transfer company etc). To process an amendment you will need to complete a request on manage booking - you’ll find a link to this on your booking summary and receipt. Alternatively, contact us via Live Chat or over the phone and someone will be able to assist you further.

Will I be charged if I change my booking? 

Unfortunately, there will be an amendment fee. This will be £25 per booking from Thomas Cook, plus any additional charges from your service provider. Please refer to the Covid-19 FAQs page for more information on amendments relating to the UK government's rules on quarantine.

Can I change a name on my booking?

In the majority of cases you will be able to change a name on an existing booking, but we will need to check your service provider’s terms and conditions first. We kindly ask you to complete a request via the manage booking, just follow the link on your booking summary or receipt. If you would prefer to speak to someone, contact us through our Live Chat or by calling one of our travel advisors. 

How do I change or cancel a Ryanair flight? 

If you wish to amend or cancel a flight with Ryanair you will need to contact them as we will not be able to access your booking once it has been made. This includes any changes you wish to make yourself as well as those from the airline. Should Ryanair make any changes they will email you directly. However, you will also need to make us aware of these amendments so it doesn’t affect any other element of your booking such as your hotel or transfer.