Can I amend my holiday?

Will I be charged if I change my booking?

Can I change a name on my booking?

How do I change a Ryanair flight?


How can you help me find the right holiday?

When is my booking confirmed?

How can I get a copy of my documents?

What if I don't receive a reference number?

What does 'non-refundable room' mean?

How do I log into manage booking?

What's the minimum age to book a holiday?

Can I make a group booking?

Are transfers included in my holiday?

Can I add on a special request?


How can I cancel my holiday?

How much will my cancellation charges be?

Do I get a refund if travel restrictions change?

How do I cancel a Ryanair flight?

Contacting us

How do I contact you?

How can I get support?

What if I'm on holiday and need support?

How do I make a complaint when I'm back from my holiday?



When can I get a refund?

What happens if my flight is cancelled?

What counts as a travel ban?


When can I make an amendment?

Can I change or cancel my booking if UK government rules mean I need to quarantine on return?

What if I'm told to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace scheme and that overlaps with my holiday?

What happens if a destination or country changes their restrictions or goes into lockdown?

What's my airline's amendments policy?


How do I know if I can travel to a destination or not?

Will you update me if travel restrictions change?

Will my travel insurance cover me for Covid-19?

What if I or someone I'm travelling with catches Covid before my holiday?

What if I or someone I’m travelling with catches Covid whilst I’m away?

What’s a PLF form? Do I need to fill one out?


Do I need to check-in online for my flight?

What baggage is included?

Can I remove my baggage after I have booked?

Are in-flight meals included?

What does a non-refundable flight mean?

What does a flexible flight mean?

Financial protection

Is my holiday financially protected?

How and when do I get my ATOL certificate?

General queries

Will Brexit affect my holiday?

Do I need travel insurance?

I have reduced mobility, how do I know if a hotel is suitable for me?

What is a city or tourist tax?

Will there be rep visits to my hotel?

Passport, visas and health

How long does my passport need to be valid for?

Do I need an EHIC?

Where can I find travel advice?

How can I find out if it's safe to travel?


How can I pay?

What card types can I use?

When is my balance due date?

Price Match Guarantee

What is your Price Match Guarantee?

How do I qualify for the Price Match Guarantee criteria?

Supplier queries

When you talk about 'suppliers', what do you mean?

Are there different terms and conditions for each supplier?

What's an insignificant change?

What's a significant change?

For a significant change, how much notice will I have and what are my options?

Supplier terms and conditions

How can I find my supplier terms and conditions?

Where are the terms and conditions for my accommodation and extras?

Where are the terms and conditions for my flights?

Thomas Cook terms and conditions

Where can I find your booking terms and conditions?

Where can I find your privacy policy?

What is a multi-contract package?

What if I am not a UK or Irish resident?